What is Sippology?

“Sippology” is the term we use to describe the mission behind Sipp and what we hope to accomplish as a brand - our philosophy! We like to use the words Strength, Inspiration, Passion, & Perseverance (spelling “SIPP”) because these words are meaningful to our roots and how we got started as a company. Sipp was born from the strength to keep moving the business forward even when things were hard, inspiration from friends, family and colleagues, passion in everything we do, and perseverance to keep trying and push past fear and doubt.


Our mission is to inspire others to follow their passion as our Founder/CEO Beth has done. We like to say Sipp is “Soda Inspiring People’s Passion.” Through events that we sponsor, contests we host, and conversations with other CEO’s and Founders, we strive to continually inspire and promote entrepreneurship. If you are hosting an entrepreneur event and you’d like Sipp to be a part of it – please feel free to contact our Sales & Marketing Assistant, Carly, at with details.


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell