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Gift Baskets with Sipp

Finding that one perfect gift for friends and family can be really overwhelming, right?! Here at Sipp HQ we've created 4 easy & creative gift baskets inspired by 4 of our flavors to help give you some ideas. Why not pick up a few small gifts with products they will actually be excited to try?

You can purchase Sipp at your local Target (link to printable coupon below), along with the other goodies you need to create a well-crafted gift crate like the ones below.

Here's how to do it...

Step 1: Find a medium-sized crate at a flea market or at your local craft supply store. 

Step 2: Fill the crates generously with a natural excelsior moss or crinkle cut paper to cushion your items.

Step 3: Add your largest items first, then the smaller ones. Don't worry if everything doesn't fit exactly inside the crate. Feel free to arrange the items upright and then wrap the bow in front of the crate instead of on top of the items if you need to.

Step 4: Finish with a tag or bow. Voila! An impressive gift that anyone would be excited to receive. 


Examples inspired by our flavors...

Basket #1: For your hardworking friend

Have a friend that never stops hustling? Giver her a cozy crate filled with things she'll need for a relaxing evening of pampering! In this example we've included fuzzy socks, a few shades of nail polish, and a 4-pack of Sipp's Lemon Flower flavor (sparkling organic lemon, elderflower, & tarragon). We've also thrown in a cute mug for hot chocolate, a nourishing face mask, and a seasonally scented candle for the ultimate cozy kit.


Basket #2: For the guy in your life

Socks and ties get pretty old. Gift him a matching set of barware, a nice bottle of bitters, and a 4-pack  of Sipp Ginger Blossom (sparkling organic ginger, vanilla & lime) to elevate his bartending game. Tuck in a few men's grooming products, such as a quality hand salve or beard balm, some handmade denim coasters and a sleek wall-mounted bottle opener for an expertly tailored crate.


Basket #3: For your fashionable friend

A monogrammed rocks glass, seasonal swizzle sticks and a 4-pack of Sipp Mojo Berry (sparkling organic blackberry, mint & lime) is the perfect kit for your favorite fashionista who has everything! Help her craft her own signature cocktail in style with this beautiful kit. Add a cute, simple clutch with tassel charms plus a set of cheeky compliment cards so she can spread her style wherever she goes.


Basket #4: For your favorite couple

Assemble a date-night-in crate with a few fun classic games, unique stainless steel martini glasses, and a 4-pack of Sipp Summer Pear (sparkling organic pear, green tea & honey). Add a few yummy snacks like popcorn plus an artisanal candle and your favorite couple is all set for game night!


We hope this guide is helpful as you get all of your gifts together this holiday! Remember, you can grab most of these items at Target, so you don't need to run around town to get everything you need to make a great looking and useful basket.


Happy Holidays!


The Sipp Team


Thanks to Lindsey Crafter ( for the photos & putting together this great content.